Saturday, October 16, 2004

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Oct 16 /2004
this blog is created to give you news from Iraq
news that the US. Gov try to block
all what you read is being verified and it is from a very reliable sources
the reports that you read is from eye witnesses to what had actually happened .
Saturday October 16 2004
US convoy ambushed today at 10:30 am local Iraq time .
In the area of RAMADY on the road to the city of HEET west
road side bombs were planted and detonated .
there were about 50 guerilla fighters awaiting the US convoy
operation started with 4 explosions that immediately destroyed 3 fuel trucks
RPGs and small arm fire was used in what is considered a kill zone
3 flat bed trucks / 6 APCs strykers on board were destroyed
4HMVs were destroyed
2 bradleys were destroyed
according to eye witnesses the fight lasted for about 30 minutes and it very fierce
25 US soldiers were killed
34 Iraqi soldiers were killed
8 guerilla fighters also killed .
Saturday October 16 2004
10:00 pm local time Iraq
mortar attack on a US base in BASRA area
ammo used:
10 rounds of 82Mm
4 rockets / Katyosha
only feed back is that there were loud explosions heard afterward , ammo depot maybe hit .
no word on casualties .
more news will be posted as soon as I get it


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