Monday, October 18, 2004

Ambush on Sunday evening

It looks like the insurgents increased their attacks since Ramadan started .
There was an ambush that targeted a US patrol unit in the area of SEEDEYAH which is the old part of Baghdad .
eye witness reported that 8 US soldiers were killed and 3 were wounded , and 1 HMV and 1 Bradley were completely destroyed .
9:30 am local Iraq time a road side bomb exploded in the area of E'LAAM
eye witnesses said that a land cruiser was completely destroyed and all its occupants were killed
they added that the dead were CIA agents in civilian cloths .
also a HUMV was destroyed in the same explosion and that the bomb was so massive that body parts were flying in all directions . Eye witnesses said there were 3 soldiers killed in the hummer .
In Baghdad a road side bomb was detonated while an army convoy was passing one of the side streets .
the convoy was assigned to guard ( someone ) in a white GMC .
eye witnesses said that the bomb was off exactly when the GMC passed .
the car was flying in the air and a hummer was destroyed .
nobody came out alive from the GMC .
3 US soldiers were killed .
the US soldiers took cover and started shooting indiscriminately at anything that moved .
shortly after a black hock was seeing hovering over .
Noon time in west of Baghdad
in an area called AL'DOUWALBEH in the RADWANEEYAH
road side bomb called (Nimsawee) was detonated while a convoy of joint forces was passing.
an armored personal carrier ( stryker ) was destroyed and 9 US soldiers on board were also killed . Also in the attack one pickup truck (Nissan) belong to the new Iraq army was destroyed and 3 soldiers were killed .

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Live from Iraq #4

Sunday October 17 2004
Around 6:00 pm local Iraqi time An unmanned surveillance airplane was shot down in the city of FALLUJA .

Live from Iraq #3

News just came in that near the city of ALqua_em there was huge explosion in what looked like a suicide attack .
There were a two US hummers patrolling in the main street of GARABLEH area near the Syrian border, when suddenly a small car went between the two vehicle's and detonated .
12 US. Soldiers were killed plus the attacker.
the attack happened at midnight Iraqe local time .

Live wire from Iraq #2

News just came in that there were 13 US soldiers killed in Baghdad
the area is called sou-waydee which is in the 5th shurta community .
RPGs and C5Ks were used .
then the insugents continued using BKC machine gun .
the report said that there were 2 high ranking officers among the dead .
no survivors

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Just in

Oct 16 /2004
this blog is created to give you news from Iraq
news that the US. Gov try to block
all what you read is being verified and it is from a very reliable sources
the reports that you read is from eye witnesses to what had actually happened .
Saturday October 16 2004
US convoy ambushed today at 10:30 am local Iraq time .
In the area of RAMADY on the road to the city of HEET west
road side bombs were planted and detonated .
there were about 50 guerilla fighters awaiting the US convoy
operation started with 4 explosions that immediately destroyed 3 fuel trucks
RPGs and small arm fire was used in what is considered a kill zone
3 flat bed trucks / 6 APCs strykers on board were destroyed
4HMVs were destroyed
2 bradleys were destroyed
according to eye witnesses the fight lasted for about 30 minutes and it very fierce
25 US soldiers were killed
34 Iraqi soldiers were killed
8 guerilla fighters also killed .
Saturday October 16 2004
10:00 pm local time Iraq
mortar attack on a US base in BASRA area
ammo used:
10 rounds of 82Mm
4 rockets / Katyosha
only feed back is that there were loud explosions heard afterward , ammo depot maybe hit .
no word on casualties .
more news will be posted as soon as I get it